Few of us have resources to pay full price for items when we’re outfitting our home or to hire an interior decorator to bring our decorating dreams to life. Working on do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that take weeks or months can sometimes seem like a bad trade of time for money. The secret to becoming a home-improvement expert is to not take on more than your skills and schedule will allow. Here are three DIY projects that can easily be completed in a weekend, accent the look of your home, and won’t require a major cash investment to accomplish.

DIY Dazzle In A Weekend: 3 Projects To Try

  1. Renegade Supply Roundup: Tired of office or craft supplies escaping from drawers or shelves? The website My DIY has a solution that is part DIY project, part craft project, and part organizing project. Stop at your local thrift or dollar store to gather some glass jars and bottles, a craft store for some vinyl letters, and a home improvement store for a can or two of Krylon Sea Glass finish spray, which comes in an assortment of colors that provide a cool translucent effect when applied to the glass jars. Decide which jars will hold which supplies, place the vinyl letters on the outside of each jar as a label, then apply three layers of the Sea Glass finish. Once the finish has completely dried, peel off the vinyl letters and fill your jars with your supplies!
  2. Low-Cost Designer Rug: Love the look of patterned rugs but don’t want to pay big bucks for the design of your dreams? The DIY Network provides step-by-step instructions for applying a custom design to a jute or other type of low-pile rug. For this DIY project, you’ll want to place a drop cloth on your floor to avoid spills, then lay your rug out flat on top of it. Create your pattern by using masking tape, remembering that anywhere that the tape is, your paint will NOT be. Once you’ve created the pattern, apply interior wall paint to the rug, being sure to fill in the spaces not covered by masking tape. Apply two coats, and when the paint is about half dry, begin lifting off the masking tape. Once the rug is completely dry, enjoy placing your rug and showing off your DIY abilities.
  3. A Coffee Table You’ll Never Get “Board” With: You can build a sturdy, functional coffee table out of two-by-fours and not a whole lot else! The website A Beautiful Mess shows readers how to make a classy rustic (or industrial – you decide) coffee table. The site provides details on how many boards to buy, what lengths to have them cut, and how to attach the legs (which also can be wood or bench-style metal hairpin legs). The site recommends sanding and applying several layers of semi-gloss polyurethane to make your DIY project table snag-proof.

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