One of the benefits of renting a home through Avilla Homes is that you get a backyard – a perfect spot for hosting parties, relaxing with family, or just enjoying moments of solitude.

However, there are some backyard decor challenges that go with living in a warm-weather climate. The sun can brighten up your yard, but it can also weather your furniture and make gardening a challenge. Working with the advantages of your Avilla Homes location can help you find those color accents that make your backyard stand out as uniquely your own.


3 Ideas To Give Your Backyard a Pop Of Color

  1. Bring classic indoor furniture styles outside. This backyard decor tip illustrates the creativity you can unleash when you repaint indoor furniture with colorful outdoor paint and repurpose pieces for patio and backyard activities. Think retooling a dresser to serve as an all-weather cocktail station. You can reduce sun and water exposure by placing your furniture in a recessed or covered area.
  2. Change your patio furniture covers, not the furniture. Amazon, Target, and many other retailers sell replacement covers for outdoor furniture. You can give your backyard decor a whole new look by just changing your cushions! Whether you want to experiment with sunny yellow or hot pink, you can try new color combinations each season, keeping your guests wondering what they’ll see at your next party.
  3. When selecting plants for your container garden, pay attention to the container!  Container gardens are great for warm climates, as you can experiment with the mix of plants you like best. Many varieties of flowers are heat-tolerant. By learning from a local garden center the growing seasons for the plants you love, you can give them their best chance of being an inviting addition to your backyard decor. One tip for making your plants stand out: look for colorful planters in colors that complement each other. You can also add interest to your garden area by grouping planters of various sizes together, and placing them together in odd-numbered groups (three planters, five planters, etc.).

When finding ways to add a pop of color to your backyard decor, remember that less can be more. Bright, bold colors make a statement – one that is best paired with other hues reinforcing your decorating theme, whether that is desert-themed earth tones, calming sea shades, or a classic Italian/Roman palette. Find your style and express your approach to home living through color!