When you tell friends or coworkers that you live in your own home, most people will assume that you own it or rent from a landlord. The idea that you can lease a single-family, detached home is gaining acceptance, but many people are still unaware it is an option.

When someone asks “what’s so great about living in an Avilla Homes community?,” here are five benefits you can tell them that separate our communities from other types of living situations.

Benefits Of Living In An Avilla Homes Community

  1. You are living in a house, not an apartment. Many Americans dream of living in a home with a yard in which they can relax and play. Apartments, condos, and townhouses have their benefits, but they share the huge drawbacks of lacking physical separation from other living units or significant outdoor living space. Avilla Homes are just that – full-size homes, plus there is nobody above or below you and you have your very own private backyard.
  2. You are encouraged to customize your Avilla Homes space. Our management company doesn’t just permit you to paint your walls and accessorize your decor, we encourage it! For the duration of your lease, you should feel comfortable expressing your personal sense of style and color as you decorate your house and yard. Check this blog for occasional posts containing tips on interior decorating, creating a beautiful backdoors oasis, and setting up a functional and efficient home office.
  3. Our common areas promote interaction with your neighbors. It’s wonderful to savor the privacy of your own detached home and yard, but when it is time to make new friends, you can explore our community pools, grilling stations, and dog parks and green spaces to chat with those living around you. It’s rare to find so many natural meeting places in a conventional neighborhood, and our residents tell us they appreciate the organic interaction opportunities without any overt pressure to “socialize.”
  4. Avilla Homes save you the hassles of home ownership. Buying a house is a huge financial and legal commitment. It is not always easy to sell a home when you need to for a change of jobs or other circumstances. Your relationship with our community is framed by a lease, not a 30-year bank note. Also, leasing an Avilla Home, you are buffered from substantial homeownership expenses such as repairs of big-ticket appliances (think your water heater), as well as the cost of homeowner’s insurance.
  5. We care about our Avilla Homes residents! To enhance the experience of luxury leased home living, we offer many extras you can’t access through ordinary home ownership. From a maintenance staff that is on call 24/7, to our gated security features, to our trash valet service, we want you to feel cared for, and happy to be a part of our community.

 What other benefits do you enjoy as an Avilla Homes resident? What benefits would you like to see? Let us know!