The coronavirus COVID-19 is reshaping our lives – across the United States and around the globe. States are urging or mandating that people stay at home to limit the spread of the illness.  While most Americans want to do the right thing, it can be daunting to contemplate finding things to do when confined for weeks inside your house.

Avilla Homes residents have some built-in advantages when it comes to sheltering in place. In addition, here are a few boredom-busting ideas for making the most of the time you’re at home.

5 Creative Things To Do At Your Avilla Home Right Now

  1. Learn about American history by visiting its greatest treasures – virtually, of course. The National Trust For Historic Preservation has gathered a collection of online tours of historic sites and national treasures. You can see natural wonders such as Bears Ears National Monument in Utah; Montpelier, the lifelong home of President James Madison in Virginia; even singer Nina Simone’s childhood home in North Carolina.

  2. Write or create a piece of art related to how COVID-19 is impacting you. The website Submittable has curated a constantly expanding list of writing and art projects that are seeking coronavirus-themed submissions. Essays, poems, visual artwork, and film projects are just some of the things you can do to participate.

  3. Spark your innovative side by watching an inspiring documentary film. If you’re trying to find creative things to do, you can’t rely on seeding your brain with observations in the outside world. You can, though, watch documentaries from this list gathered by world-famous design consulting firm IDEO.

  4. Pick up that side project you put aside because you “never had the time.” If you’re working from home, even just losing the commute can give you the time to improve some aspect of your life or pursue a goal you’ve been chasing for years. If you are finding it hard to fill your hours with things to do, you can also peruse the schedules of famous creative people for ideas on how to structure your days.

  5. Join the Maker movement. The Maker movement springs from a happy collision between evolving technology and the imaginations of do-it-yourselfers of every stripe. The website offers step-by-step instructions for making everything from a beating heart made of LED lights to a belt made entirely of bicycle parts. (If you try to make the bagpipe constructed of a trashbag and musical recorders, though, be sure to warn your housemates first!)

Other creative things to do while you’re sheltering in place include adopting or fostering a rescue pet (many shelters have had to close temporarily); spending money online to support local merchants or unemployed service workers; or fighting the pandemic as a virtual volunteer. Whatever you choose to do, our Avilla Homes communities stand ready to help you and to ensure you continue to enjoy your leased home, now and long after the COVID-19 quarantine is ended.