Leased home communities are not a new idea, but if you’re weighing leasing and buying, you may wonder what the advantages are compared, say, to just renting an apartment.

If you are looking at a luxury leased housing community such as Avilla Homes, that’s an easy question to answer. Leased homes offer many of the upsides of home ownership and apartment rental, with few of the downsides. We’ve selected five reasons to highlight why Avilla leased homes can be the best option for many people considering renting.

Top 5 Reasons To Lease With Avilla Homes

  1. Your leased home is a freestanding, single-family dwelling. There is a significant difference in terms of privacy and background noise between apartment living and leased home living. You will have no one living above you or below you. This can lead to lower levels of stress than if, for example, your upstairs neighbor is a tap-dancer.
  2. Your Avilla Home comes with a yard. Having your own outdoor space attached to your leased home provides all sorts of stress-relieving opportunities. Whether you start a container garden, decorate your patio, or just play a game of fetch with your puppy, your yard can provide an important private oasis for you to unwind and recharge.
  3. Avilla Homes encourages residents to decorate and personalize their home. We don’t want you to just “feel at home” here; we want your home to genuinely reflect your sense of style. Our residents are free to paint interior walls, experiment with different styles of decoration, or even just rearrange the furniture whenever they want!
  4. It’s easy to work from home in our leased homes. Working comfortably at home has become crucial for many professionals. Avilla Homes are spacious, with multiple places to set up a home office, whether you like working in a dedicated room or in an open space. Without the extra noise and proximity to neighbors that comes with apartment living, you can concentrate better and work more productively.
  5. Our leased home communities embrace pet ownership. Pets are not just tolerated at Avilla Homes; we understand that your furry friends are also part of your family and provide unconditional love and affection. We work with you to make sure you are aware of restrictions and ground rules from the beginning. You and your pets will be able to get exercise or play inside your house, in your yard, or on sidewalks and grassy fields in common areas.

Want to discover even more reasons to consider a leased home community instead of renting an apartment? Bring us your questions about leased home living – we’re more than happy to provide answers! Call or email an Avilla Homes location near you. Additionally, this website provides floor plans and self-guided virtual tours for many of our communities.