Winter is on the way out, and spring will officially be here in just days. The incoming season is a great time to redecorate your Avilla Home. You are not only allowed but encouraged to paint the walls, and try other projects that individualize your home’s look.

Although you can spend lots of money or time on books or instructional videos with “the best” ways to redecorate, some decorating ideas are far easier to execute. We’ve collected five ideas that can be used collectively or separately to give your dwelling a refreshing new look and feel.

5 Spring Decorating Ideas To Revitalize Your Avilla Home

  1. Reframe your art. Give your favorite paintings a new look by updating their frames. For example, if you’ve tended to go with ornate, gold-toned frames, see how minimalist silver frames can change how you see your paintings – and the way you look at the wall they are displayed upon.
  2. Mix and match furniture styles. It’s official: you do not have to buy furniture that matches. Experiment with finding sofas, ottomans, coffee tables, side chairs, and other pieces that complement each other rather than being part of a gigantic, never-to-be-broken-up matching set.
  3. Choose new colors as your decorating springboard. Color is a primary component of any decorating plan, and 2020’s spring palette includes intriguing tones such as blush, bright blue, sage green, and coral. Some of these colors are great for entire walls, and some work better as accent colors so they don’t overpower the room.
  4. Realize that organizing doesn’t mean making it disappear. It’s important to keep clothes, bedding, bathroom towels, office supplies, and other necessities organized so they can be useful. However, you don’t have to hide it all away in desks, file cabinets, or other types of organizers. Repurposed bookshelves or open storage cabinets can allow you to bring order and keep items visible at the same time.
  5. Plants bring the outdoors to any room. While your Avilla Homes backyard is a lovely place to create a garden, you can also liven up your interior space with houseplants. Living greenery is easy to incorporate into most decorating schemes, trimmings from outdoor plants can provide stunning splashes of color, and even dried flowers in a vase or a seasonally appropriate wreath can shift the mood of a room nicely.

Decorating the inside of your Avilla Home is just the beginning. You can also employ several of these ideas with your outdoor patio or even your front yard. Let our maintenance-free communities provide the time you need to unleash your creativity and make where you live reflect your personality.