It’s no secret that moving to a new location can be stressful—especially if you are making the treck from another city or state. Finding your way around town and making new friends outside of work can be an arduous task. But, with these great tips, you’ll have a handful of new friends in no time.

Get Outside

At Avilla Homes, there are a number of common areas where residents can relax outdoors. Spaces such as the community pool, grilling station and open, grassy pet areas are perfect for meeting your new neighbors. While your natural tendency may be to spend time in your new apartment home, remember that making friends involves being in places where you have the opportunity to actually meet the people who live around you.

Host a Housewarming Party

Having a housewarming party or small BBQ get-together will make your neighbors more inclined to invite you into their lives and homes by virtue of you inviting them into yours first. Your housewarming party doesn’t have to be a major production; it can be as simple as asking a select few neighbors over for drinks on a Saturday night or hosting a BBQ soiree in the common area of your new rental neighborhood.

Fire Up the Games

Monopoly. Bunco. Trivial Pursuit…. Just about everyone has a game they love to play. When the summer heat becomes unbearable, consider hosting a game night with some of your neighbors indoors. Set up several seating areas where people can sit comfortably and partake in the festivities. And remember the snacks and drinks. Light appetizers and beverages will show your hospitable side and make even the shyest of neighbors feel welcome.

Ask to Borrow Something

Setting up your home office and need to borrow a hammer? Or maybe you’re trying to get your new garden going and need a shovel? No matter what you may need, chances are a friendly neighbor just may have it. Reaching out and asking for help from those who live around you is the perfect opportunity to make a connection. You’ll get a chance to speak with your new neighbors and clue them in on your hobbies and/or what you are working on. So go ahead and ask—it sure beats schlepping to the store.

Enlist the Help of Fido

Nothing helps build connections better than the common love of an animal! Consider taking Fido to the dog park and other dog-friendly neighborhood spots where you’re likely to meet some other animal lovers.

If you make a connection, set up a pet-friendly play date. You can even try to connect with other dog owners who live in your building when you take Fido out for a walk or bathroom break.

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