The conveniences of leased-home living offer many advantages over home ownership, but the process of moving into your new Avilla home can still present a challenge. Whether your household is immense or miniscule, knowing how to organize your possessions and prepare for the move can make the difference between a moving day filled with migraines and one filled with exciting memories.

Moving Tips For A Stress-Free Experience

Tip #1: Use your moving plans as an incentive to downsize. If you are stressing out about how many things you have to move, consider NOT moving all of them. Whether you make a potentially tax-deductible donation to your favorite charity, hold a garage sale, or boost your moving funds by putting your wares on a resale app, purging your possessions can reduce moving stress before you begin packing.

 Tip #2: Verify, verify, verify. Whether you hire professional movers or ask friends to help you, double-check to make sure your official move-in date with Avilla matches the time and date you set with your crew. Also verify the date your utilities, cable, or other services will transfer to your new address. It’s far better to make one more call or send one more text or email than to have to reschedule everything.

Tip #3: When packing, obey the “Golden Rule” of moving tips – the heavier the item, the smaller the box. Not only do large, heavy boxes challenge even the strongest moving helper, they could easily burst open. Large, tall boxes are great for linens, curtains, and other lighter items. Save the books, barbells, and paper files for small boxes.

Tip #4: Be strategic in organizing and stacking your moving boxes. The more forethought you put into this part of your move, the better. Several related moving tips in this category include: clearly label your moving boxes, always pack items from the same room in a single box, and arrange your boxes so the first things you need at your new Avilla home are the last things packed on the moving truck or in your car.

Tip #5: Prepare your pets for moving day. Schedule a trip to the vet to pick up your furry friend’s records and update their vaccinations. Also, once your pet has arrived at your new home, provide a quiet place where they won’t be disturbed while your boxes and furniture are being unloaded. Make sure favorite bedding and toys are there for comfort. Keep your pet on a regular feeding and exercise schedule, and keep your dog leashed until they are comfortable with their new surroundings.

For additional customized moving tips, contact the management at the Avilla Homes community you will be joining.