Company Overview

Avilla Homes is redefining traditional residential living by bringing to life the next generation of American home for a discerning consumer desiring flexibility and freedom.

Stability. Privacy. High-end quality. Exceptional service. No financial burdens of a mortgage. That’s what defines Avilla Homes.

A unique leased-home model, Avilla Homes delivers a true luxury home experience within a gated enclave. With smart design, advanced technology, energy efficiency and distinctive architecture as driving forces, each neighborhood features homes with open and spacious floor plans and private outdoor patios and backyards. The single-story, detached leased homes offer high-end finishes, high ceilings and lots of natural light. Exuding style and a sense of luxury, every neighborhood has a signature architectural style that complements the local community. Additionally, Avilla Homes provides neighborhood living maintained by a professional management company, without mortgage payments or HOA fees.

The vision for Avilla’s communities comes from its parent company, NexMetro Communities, a pioneering development company focused exclusively on building private leased-home neighborhoods. The housing industry turmoil of the past decade, along with the evolution of the American Dream, prompted NexMetro to bring a new kind of residential development to the market in 2012. This avant-garde hybrid housing option was designed to provide a viable alternative to consumers who demanded the freedom and flexibility that come through leasing, while delivering the privacy and independence that come with living in a home.

Ultimately, Avilla Homes puts privacy, quality, convenience and luxury at the forefront, while giving consumers the lifestyle they want, free from long-term commitments, financial burdens and maintenance hassles.

As of February 17, 2016, there are seven Avilla neighborhoods in Tucson and three in Phoenix. The company plans to launch eight additional Avilla neighborhoods by mid-2017 in the Phoenix, Dallas and Denver markets.


Fast Facts

Year founded: 2012

Number of communities: 10

Number of homes: 1,300+

Areas served: Phoenix, Tucson, Dallas and Denver markets.