Avilla communities take away the stresses of home ownership, while letting you enjoy a new-home lifestyle! We believe your home should be your castle, and our communities are inspired by residents who want to enjoy life to the fullest. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions by people interested in making Avilla home.

  1. What if something breaks? Am I responsible for repairs?

No, you are not responsible for any repairs. With an Avilla Homes luxury leased-home, you have access to a professional, on-site team that facilitates everything from changing air vents to repairing major appliances. Even if your sink gets clogged at 11 p.m., with one phone call, we will respond to your residence promptly to fix the problem.

  1. Are the homes attached?

Say hello to a home, and goodbye to traditional apartment living! The majority of Avilla homes do not share walls. Our 2- and 3-bedroom models are fully detached.  Our 1-bedroom models are semi-detached, sharing one wall with a neighbor.

  1. Do all homes have a backyard?

Every home has a private backyard – and residents absolutely love this feature! These beautiful outdoor living areas come in varied sizes depending on the community and the specific home within the community.

  1. Are any of the homes in Avilla neighborhoods for sale?

Avilla homes are exclusively for lease and are not for individual sale. That’s what makes Avilla communities so compelling – residents enjoy the luxury of new, beautiful homes without the worries of maintenance or a mortgage

5.   How do Avilla communities handle basic services, such as trash collection?

Say goodbye to walks to the dumpster! Avilla communities offer trash valet service where residents simply place their trash outside their door in the evening and find it empty by morning.*

  1. How does parking work, for both me and my guests?

Avilla residents are provided designated covered parking spaces and garages are available for an additional monthly fee.  Each neighborhood area also includes ample guest parking.

  1. Can I paint my walls?

We believe in the power of making your home your own. Unlike many home rentals, Avilla residents can add their own personal touch on the homes with things like paint and wall hangings.**

  1. I have a large dog. Is he welcome?

Yes! Avilla Homes are pet friendly and all breeds are welcome! Our only requirement is that your furry friend has current vaccinations.

If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-833-4-Avilla. We would love the opportunity to share more details about our unique luxury leased-home communities.

*Not available at all Avilla communities.

**Written permission from the property is required prior to making any modification to the home.

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