Many of us have spent the spring sheltering in our Avilla Homes. Although some parts of the country are allowing greater public activity, many Avilla Home residents are still staying close to home and exploring ways to freshen up their home decor. The projects described below don’t have to be expensive or complex; choosing any one of them can dramatically change the way your house looks, bringing comfort and enjoyment for your entire household.

5 Innovative Ways To Update Your Home Decor

  1. Rearrange your bookshelves. Sure, you can re-shelve your books by size, topic, color, author, or Dewey decimal number, but the real point here is that bookshelves can double as display cases! Consider making family photos or other personal items the centerpiece of your decorating, and add attractive baskets, themed accessories and books (of course) to complete the look.
  2. Pay attention to your walls. You certainly can paint the walls of your Avilla Home, but so many facets of home decor are related to what’s actually on your walls – including works of art, photos, even flat-screen TVs. Start by straightening your wall hangings and then step back and consider rearranging them. If you have empty photo frames, now is a great time to fill them and place those photos strategically on the walls of your home.
  3. Experiment with vintage furniture or patina accents. Not every home has to look as shiny and new as a mylar balloon. You can focus on furniture that evokes a specific time period (the late 1800s or early 1900s, perhaps), select home decor pieces that have a weathered patina, or look into painted pieces to match existing colors.
  4. Pick lighting that enhances the rest of your decor. Two simple tips that can make a big difference: one, consider spotlighting a beloved painting by directing light upward onto it; and two, select lamps that match the tone of your home decor for mood lighting that is more indirect.
  5. Move your furniture around! One of the simplest ways to update the look of your house is to update the floor plan! Tired of having your sofa facing away from a window? Rearrange your living room to focus on the outdoor view. In most cases, this decorating hack costs nothing more than the amount of muscle you have to put into it.

We hope you enjoy the freedom you have to personalize your Avilla Home decor. Our leased homes offer many of the benefits of home ownership, without hidden costs, such as ongoing or emergency maintenance. If you need assistance with any aspect of your leased home, give the office of your Avilla Homes community a call.