Playgorund For Children with Disabilities 

A playground in Mesa has opened a new facility to accommodate children with disabilities. The playground was designed to being children with all abilities together, instead of building a separate area for children with disabilities. The surrounding community was involved in the process and showed support for the building. For the full story, click here.

Water Supply

This past July was the hottest month ever in records across the world. The new rise in temperatures are causing concern to the water supplies. Research is showing different way to combat the high temperatures as the supply and demand market for water becomes straining. To see the full research, click here.

Traveling Apps

Many people travel for the holidays to visit distant relatives, or take a vacation. The Transportation Security Administration is showing off some new ways to make traveling quicker and easier. Along with traveling apps, TSA encourages travelers to pack light, arrive early and be prepared to wait during the busy season. For more tips, click here.

Tap Water Quality

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is retesting tap water to determine the safety for infants. In Pinal County high levels of nitrates were found in Johnson Utilities tap water, making the drink unfit for infants under six months old to drink. Water samples take about one week to test. For more on the story, click here.