Whether you use it as your full- or part-time workspace, or the primary location for your important paperwork and personal computer, nothing makes it harder to be efficient than a cluttered home office. Once the clutter has reached a certain level, it can feel overwhelming to even contemplate cleaning it up.

Fortunately, a project to declutter your home office doesn’t have to be a nightmare, if you start with a plan. Your Avilla Homes office space can be transformed from frightening to fabulous by following some basic principles of decluttering any space.

How To Declutter Your Home Office

  1. Start by sorting the clutter in your office into piles. Place items into a few simple categories: items that will remain in your office, items that can be thrown away, items to be recycled, items to be stored elsewhere. Don’t create too many piles, however, or you will have just succeeded in spreading the clutter more thinly across your room.
  2. Let go of obsolete or “mystery” technology. This includes installation discs and manuals for outdated software, types of portable storage (think diskettes and flash drives) that are no longer compatible with the devices you use, and boxes of snarled, unlabeled cords and cables.
  3. Let go of your college textbooks, too. If it’s been more than five years since you were in school, the information in your books is probably outdated. Besides, there’s always Google!
  4. Establish “work zones” in your office. In most home offices, that will include a place where you handle paperwork or use your computer (usually a desk), a place for reference materials (bookshelves, filing cabinets, etc.) and a place for supplies (desk drawers, shelves, or a closet). Once your declutter project is mostly complete, you’ll use these zones to determine where you will put the items you have kept.
  5. Archive paperwork you need to hold on to. For original documents that must be available for long periods of time but do not need to be referred to regularly, use archive boxes or other easy-to-label storage bins and relocate them to your attic, garage, or an off-site storage facility. Keep an index of what’s in each archived box.
  6. Group and store office supplies. Find storage containers that fit in a drawer or whatever type of space you are using to store your sticky notes, paperclips, mailing supplies, and the like. Put like items together, such as all the sticky note pads in one container. If you keep your pens in a cup or holder on your desk, take time to test them and toss the ones that don’t work.

If you decide to continue your cleaning project and declutter every room in your Avilla Homes dwelling, there are websites on the topic to suit every taste and budget! Soon your office and your home will be more efficient, effective, and functional.