Town of Oro Valley Disregards Poll

The Oro Valley Community and Recreation Center has been featured as the center of many heated discussions in Tucson news since the purchase of the former grounds from the Hilton El Conquistador more than a year ago. Although there are many other components to the acquisition, the focus has been on the golf courses which have been steadily losing money since the purchase. The Explorer published a poll at the beginning of the month with five options for citizens to vote on, based on reducing the losses, to give the City some feedback:

  • Invest what’s needed to keep all courses open and make improvements
  • Close one or more courses and create a new purpose for the land
  • Sell the land to interested developers
  • Lease the land back to the Hilton
  • Close the courses on Mondays to save on expenditures

With only 17 of 334 votes, closing on Mondays was what the City decided to do.

American Muscle Car Star of Millions for Tucson

Could you see yourself polishing a 2016 Shelby Mustang in your Avilla Preserve driveway? That is Mr. Jim Click Jr.’s donation for this year’s Millions for Tucson raffle. Supporting more than 400 charities, the raffle raises more than a million dollars annually for the less fortunate, with the selling charities keeping 100-percent of the proceeds for tickets they sell. Grab a ticket from your favored local charity and you may be lucky enough to drive away in the Shelby Mustang GT350!

Two-Year Agreement for Rillito Makes Tucson News

Rillito Regional Park will continue racing horses for two more years after a unanimous vote by The Pima County Board of Supervisors to extend their operating agreement. The application for extension was tabled in December as a decision of whether to move the racing or continue to use the facility for multiple purposes had to be made. After weighing considerable input from the public, the Board decided in the public’s favor and the facility will continue to provide horse racing, sports events, farmer’s markets and more.

El Nino Great for Water Supply

While our northern neighbors are suffering through El Nino’s wet or snowy storms, we’ve only seen three storms in Tucson. However, with runoff from the north, Tucson’s major water sources are expected to rise significantly. Already, the state of Arizona has become drought-free for the first time in five years.