Whether you prefer a tidy “nest” or a more relaxed home space, research shows that organizing your home can increase your productivity, help you pursue your health goals, and improve your relationships.

You don’t have to venture out into the world to make significant improvement in your home environment. Try these simple organization tips, many of which utilize materials you probably have lying around, and you will be on the road to a more orderly living space.

Organization Tips For DIY Storage

  1. Closet tools have multiple functions. If your closets are bulging at the seams, you can make headway by using common organizational tools in creative ways. Two easy examples: over-the-door pocket shoe organizers can hold socks, children’s toys, or craft supplies; and shower rings clipped to a sturdy clothes hanger can corral numerous baseball caps.
  2. Binder clips can help tether your technology. Most of us concur home offices function better when they’re set up neatly. If you dislike zip ties, binder clips can function as another type of lasso for phone, mobile device, or laptop cords. One plus in using these clips is that they come in a variety of sizes and you can reuse them if you need to re-bundle your cord set-up.
  3. Keep track of important paper correspondence with repurposed cereal boxes. Here’s an organizational tip that will appeal to crafty types. You can cut off part of the front and the tops of standard-sized cardboard cereal boxes, decorate them with washi tape, and create a DIY stand-up container for your important papers and stationary/mailing supplies. Not only does the washi tape create a totally new look, it reinforces the strength of the container.
  4. Tiny storage containers are all around you. For storing items like office supplies (paper clips, Post-It flags, stamps) or craft materials, you can use a muffin tin or a tackle box to keep these items close at hand without having them scatter everywhere.
  5. Vintage suitcases can offer style and storage as a nightstand. You can express your love of retro luggage by stacking several old-style suitcases to make a nightstand. Bonus: if you’re a book hound, you can store your reading stash in the suitcases! Other things to store in your bedside suitcases include linens and blankets.

Other sites for creative organization tips include Make:, Vintage Revivals, and the DIY section of CubeSmart.com.

We hope you enjoy reinventing your home with DIY organizing! Avilla Homes is here to support your efforts with amenities such as trash valet service and 24-hour maintenance. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call your residential community’s office.