One advantage of leasing an Avilla Home is that you are allowed – even encouraged – to decorate the interior of your house, so it truly feels like your home. Once the effort of moving in is behind you, you may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of decorating your space. Maybe you don’t aspire to create a living area straight out of House Beautiful or right off HGTV, but how do you get started developing a look for your home?

One useful place to begin is the color scheme for your new home. There are a few basic guidelines to help you create an interior design for your Avilla home that is both pleasing and expressive of your tastes and personality.

Using Color To Reflect Your Interior Design Personality

  1. To learn the basics of how color works in interior design, consult a color wheel. Color wheels are easy to find on the Internet and can provide a visual guide to complementary and contrasting colors. Choose colors adjacent to your dominant color on the color wheel to reinforce it and create a unified look. For contrast, or to help a decorating element (such as a vase) stand out, place it in front of a wall painted in a color located across from your dominant color on the color wheel.
  2. Base your color scheme on the largest pattern in the space. In other words, don’t start your interior design color selection by thinking about wall paint! If you have an exotic rug, large work of art, or beautiful piece of furniture that will be the focus of the room, look to the dominant color in the pattern for direction, as well as any neutral tones in the piece to guide your paint selection.
  3.  Follow the 60-30-10 rule. One trickier aspect of interior design is getting the proportions right. In terms of color, the 60-30-10 rule advises that your dominant color should cover about 60 percent of the room. To avoid overwhelming room visitors, select a neutral or toned-down shade. Next, select a secondary color that is bolder to complement your dominant color. Finally, you can throw caution to the winds (a little, anyway) with the final 10 percent and decorate with bright colors that add a “pop” of excitement to the entire room.
  4. Not wild about bright colors? Consider a monochromatic scheme. Not everyone likes intense color contrast in their interior design. You can create a modern look by mixing three closely related shades, or even black, white, and gray, as you assemble your rooms. Monochromatic schemes can be enlivened by adding different patterns and textures as accents.

Once you have your interior design plans in place, you can rely on Avilla Homes for 24-hour maintenance and other perks to take the stress out of single-home living!