Whether you have worked from home for years, or the COVID-19 quarantine has been your first experience doing your job remotely, it can be easy to get caught up in your work and forget to exercise. Since research shows exercise can boost your mood, help you maintain a healthy weight, and curb food cravings, it’s especially important to find ways to keep exercising at home.

Here are a few tips to help you find and maintain a healthy balance when you’re working from your home office and add exercise into your day.

Tips For Creating A Custom Exercise At Home Routine

  1. Pair exercise with your breaks. Most of us who work from home have jobs that allow us to sit entirely too much. To break up your schedule, set alarms to remind you to stop work for five to 15 minutes. During the break, do some light stretching or simply walk around your Avilla Home. If you’re racing to meet a deadline and can’t take a break, you can pause for a few deep breaths, stretch, and fidget in your chair a moment, which will burn a few calories and keep your muscles loosened.
  2.  Surround yourself with simple workout equipment. Not all exercise at home has to be done in large chunks of time on big pieces of workout equipment. If you set out hand weights, resistance bands, or even a yoga mat near your office area, you can do strength training repetitions, stretches, or other brief exercises between phone calls, after finishing a report, or when you get up for a snack. This can help you see exercising at home as something that’s a part of, not separate from, your workday.
  3. Learn how to do plank exercises. Planking exercises can be easy to learn, and they work your core muscles as well as your shoulders and legs. Start small when trying to plank; even holding the position for 20 seconds at a time is helpful for building up strength and stamina.
  4. Use an exercise app to keep you motivated. Whether your device of choice is a smart watch, a smartphone or something else, an app can keep you on track as you exercise at home. From Peleton to FitBit Coach to Nike Training Club, you can use your love of your electronics to keep your body toned!
  5. Yes, housework counts as exercising at home! Keeping your Avilla Home clean can also keep you fit and trim! You can burn calories by vacuuming, gardening, sweeping, dusting, or doing laundry. Bonus: those chores won’t be waiting for you at the end of the day when you want to relax with a cool drink!

There are dozens of other approaches to exercise at home, including following routines shown on YouTube videos or using equipment like a stationary bicycle or an elliptical machine. Your Avilla Homes community offers 24/7 maintenance-free living so you can focus on enjoying your home, your work, and your exercise at home routine!