Regardless of your climate, summer is a great time to enjoy your Avilla Homes patio, especially this year, when staying close to home is the smart thing to do. Your leased Avilla Home comes with a small backyard and a patio, which you can decorate to reflect your personal tastes and style.

If you are new to outdoor decorating, or just need some fresh backyard ideas, here are some examples of making the most of a small yard and patio and outfitting it for year-round comfort.

Backyard Ideas To Turn Your Patio Into A Paradise

  1. Use old bandanas to create colorful swags. This simple backyard idea requires different color bandanas (or another type of square cloth made out of sturdy cotton fabric) and twine. Cut your square cloth into a triangle and glue it to the twine. Hang it on your patio and bam! – you have playful, wind-catching pops of color.
  2. Don’t be afraid to multipurpose. Your patio can feel cozy and useful at once if you set it up right. It’s possible to bring in some greenery with container gardening, create a dining area with a table and a few chairs, and even create a space to just hang out and enjoy the outdoors.
  3. Create a relaxation station by hanging a hammock. This backyard idea doesn’t actually require conveniently placed trees. You can find free-standing hammocks that fit under your patio, or you can buy a swing chair hammock if you’d like a vertical view. Add a small table (anything from wooden fruit cartons to large ceramic planters turned upside down) for beverages or books, and you are set to sway!
  4. “Back to basics” doesn’t have to mean “basically blah.” Simple decorating for small patios can sometimes work the best. For example, you can drape a festive cover over a round table and find antique/vintage chairs to create the centerpiece for a patio focused on conversation, secluded meals, and great times. Add some plants and creative lighting sources and you’re ready for enjoyable evenings with those closest to you.
  5. Consider upcycling to create vintage outdoor decor. The vintage look is popular, and making your own slightly weathered patio element can be eye-catching as well as functional. For example, three old-fashioned kids’ red wagons can make an innovative rolling cart. (Don’t worry if you’re not a natural tinkerer: here’s the tutorial.) The resulting tea cart can be used for beverage service, snack delivery, or to bring board games out for adult or youthful playtime.

Home decorating magazines, home improvement retailers, and Pinterest can offer dozens more backyard ideas for customizing your Avilla Homes patio oasis. Please don’t hesitate to call your community office for information on how our patios are constructed or any restrictions your Avilla Homes community may have on altering the property. We’d also love to see the results of your outdoor decorating work!