Some of the benefits of leasing from Avilla Homes include flexibility with your rental contract, an ability to pick the price range that is right for you, and freedom from worry about maintenance issues.

Another benefit to your leased home is that you are free to make your home reflect your individual style and tastes. There are many ways to use simple home decorating techniques to create an inviting home that’s perfect to come back to at the end of the day or after a vacation. To turn your leased home into a cozy dwelling, try experimenting with these three aspects of home decorating.

Cracking The Cozy Code: 3 Things To Consider

  1. Use warm colors to create a sense of intimacy. Emphasizing warm tones in your home decorating, such as reds, peach-orange, tan, and browns can help even large spaces seem smaller. You don’t have to limit your use of these colors to wall paint – furniture, curtains, and linens can all be used to provide a comfortable, intimate feel to your house.
  2. Look for pieces of furniture that complement each other rather than exact matches. Few people think of “showrooms” when they imagine cozy environments, so don’t mimic furniture showrooms by decorating a room with furniture items that are an exact match. Use other items in the room with different styles, colors, or fabric. Mixing and matching gives a more organic and personal feel to the space.
  3. Freshen your home’s aroma with fragrant plants. Use nature’s bounty to enhance your home decorating. Start a container garden, using popular aromatic plants that thrive in warm climates like gardenias, lavender, and jasmine. Some of these plants, especially lavender, retain their scent long after being dried, so you have a ready source for bringing cuttings inside to enhance your indoor aroma.  You can also place containers of blossoming plants in your home to add warm, cozy colors.

These three tips are just the beginning in terms of using home decorating to cozy up your home. You can also:

  • Use different sources of warm, soft lighting
  • Strategically place accent pillows and throws to make furniture styles more homey
  • Layer rugs (even on top of carpets!) to create a breathtaking texture mix or break a large space into smaller areas

However you choose to decorate your Avilla Home, you don’t have to settle for plain and boring. Home decorating guides exist for every style, from country or Southwestern to vintage-retro. Your imagination is your only limit to the kind of home environment you create!