Writing Conference

The Southwest Valley Writers Conference is open for writers across the valley, and will be focusing on innovation and creativity. The conference will be held at the Avondale Civic Center Library and will cover all types of writing from poetry to blogs. Nearly 100 people are expected to join and enhance their skills during the conference. Click here for the full story.

Minimum Wage Increase

Arizona residents may see a rise in minimum wage if Prop 206 passes this month. The increase will move minimum wage worker’s income to become $10 an hour. Based on current employment status in Arizona, this increase will effect over 700,000 workers. Some risks to the passing of Prop 206 may result in fewer hours for employees. For the full story, click here.

I-17 Expansion

After a 20-car collision in the month of October, Interstate-17 was closed for nearly nine hours. This incident contributes to the proposition of expanding the roadway where drivers find themselves spending numerous hours in traffic. Drivers are excited to see the roadway expanded. As of current plan, designs are being decided this year in hopes to see the freeway expanded by 2020. For the full story, click here.