St. Philips Plaza Artisan and Farmer’s Market

St. Philips Plaza Artisan and Farmers Market is every Saturday during this harvest season. If you love buying your food from local producers, come out to the market and find fresh produce, live music, local food and restaurants. The market is open from 9a.m. to 1 p.m. every Saturday morning. Visit St. Philips Plaza for more information.

Snap 2! Visualize History Through Vintage Ads

Take a tour through history with visual snapshots of historical moments in the U.S. The visual aids are vintage American ad from over fifty years capturing great moments and undesired memories of our countrys past. On October 15, the gallery is focusing on ads about the early health-seekersin Tucson, along with reactions to the original Aunt Jemima ads. Visit Snap 2: Visual History Through the Art of Vintage Ads for times, tickets and pricing.

Dusk Music Festival

Dusk Music Festival is hosting artists like Calexico, Gaby Moreno, Luna Aura and many more at this seasons concert! The festival will be held at the historic Rillito Downs park, near Downtown Tucson on October 22nd. Visit Dusk Music Festival to see the full list of preforming artists and to purchase your ticket package.

Women’s Jiu-jitsu Free Lesson

The Daimyo Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy will be hosting its sixth All-Womens Lets Roll event to take a stand and spread awareness on violence and self-defense within the community. The program is owned by Brenda Soto, who is a martial arts specialists and is providing women a free class on October 22, to unite, educate and strengthen women in the community. For more information, visit Daimyo Brazilian Jiujitsu event posting.

Cyclovia Tucson

If you have been wanting to take your bike for a spin, youre in luck! Cyclovia Tucson is closing down streets to cars and opening up freedom to ride through the city this month! Save the date for October 30th, where hundreds of bicycle riders are coming out to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and take a ride through the city! For more information, routes and location, visit Cyclovia Tucson’s site!