Dolphins in Phoenix

Five dolphins are being transported by FedEx to be placed in a new aquarium in the valley. Local residents have had mixed reviews on the move of sea life into the desert. Some activists are going against the business by boycotting the opening day on October 19th. Footage was captured on a cellphone on how the dolphins travels are happening. Dolphinairis is the name of the new dolphin aquarium that will carry the five animals.

Prop 205

Chandler residents are raising concerns on the progression of Prop 205, the legalization of recreational marijuana in Arizona. The opposing campaign recently accepted $500,000 of donations from a local pharmaceutical company, named Insys and known by their product Subsys that is an opiate mouth spray. The final vote will be cast in the next two months to see if the new law passes.

Peixoto Coffee Shop

Local coffee shop owners are recognized by their source of coffee bean. Peixoto, a local coffee shop in Chandler, gets its beans from a family farm in Brazil. The farm has deep roots as it began back in the 1800s by the owners great-grandfather. The shop is named after the family, and continues to sell Arabica beans from the farm to all local customers.

Vaping Voting

This month, Chandler City Council is voting on restricting the use of electronic cigarettes in public areas. Activists against vaping brought attention to the issue due to the unknown effects the devices may cause. The vote will take place on Oct. 13, and will restrict the use of e-cigarettes in city-owned buildings, parking garages, and various other locations to promote a safer environment.