Water Projects Awards

The City of Goodyear has earned another award for their initiative to conserve and reuse water. The awards include Top Project 2016 from the Water Environment Federation, for Goodyears philosophy to bring together the community to make water-related decisions. The Most Innovative Project was awarded to the idea of creating wetlands to re-purpose brine. The third award is based on Goodyears initiative to implement a new curriculum of the topic into schools.  

Friendship Park

The local water park in Avondale has completed $3.5 million in renovations and reopened the park mid-September. Friendship park has six new features that include a splash pad, upgraded playground, picnic areas, sports fields, extra parking and new entrances. The renovations were added to appeal to the local residents to provide a place for the community to interact in a fun environment.

Litchfield Park Plans for Downtown

Litchfield Parks City Council has decided to move forward with plans for a new development to the downtown area. Currently, the City Hall, restaurants and land located in Downtown, making it the ideal spot to begin building. More meetings are necessary to put the future plans into motion. City Hall will become the centerpiece of the development and is proposed to have farmers markets, theaters, condos antique stores and more. For more information on the future developments, click here.

Dolphin Aquarium

A new dolphin aquarium named Dolphinaris is planned to open mid-October, bringing five dolphins raised in captivity to their new habitat in the Arizona desert. The opening of the dolphin aquarium is becoming a controversial topic for experts and residents as the business gained a license without public hearings to permit the process, along with the overall welfare of dolphins in captivity. For the full story, click here.