Sub-shop in Plano

Firehouse Subs just recently opened it first location in Plano. The sub-shop is now ready to make the citys favorite sandwiches in the the firehouse themed building. The shop has hand painted murals shipped from Florida by the Firehouse Subs artist and team to tribute the local community. The theme was originally created around the owners line of firefighters and police officers in their family.

Richardson Lodge

The Richardson Masonic Lodge is having an open house for the public this month. Masonry has a history of members that are also founders of the United States and Texas. The purpose of the open house is to educate members of the public and to answer questions on Masonry, its origins and it being the oldest fraternity in the world.

Historic Plano District

Plans to make the Historic Plano District into the new and evolving Downtown Plano Cultural District may impose challenges for local businesses along 15th street. The expansion of the district will bring long-term projects near the retail stores, causing concern for owners. Overall, the plans are designed to bring more tourists, and hold more cars with new parking lots.

Plano Fair

The State Fair of Texas is opening to the public until October 23 and will have an abundance of live music, car shows, entertainment and lots of food. Look forwards to finding interesting creations at this years fair, like fried jell-o, cookie fries, or Dr. Pepper chocolate chip ice cream. The fair is expected to have new attractions for Texas residents.