If you’ve been following the recent headlines, getting rid of the clutter and making use of every ounce of storage space you might have, is the latest trend! Case in point – the explosive popularity of the new Netflix program, KonMari, featuring organzing guru Marie Kondo who holds no prisioners when it comes to decluttering and organzing your home.

Even if you’re not ready to jump on the KonMari bandwagon, we have a number of useful organizing tips that you can use to keep your rental home tidy without breaking the bank…. Or giving away all of your posessions.

#1: Reduce and Reorganize Before the Move

We’ve all been here before. Once you make the decision to move, it’s normal to want to make your new space feel comfortable. However, as you begin to prepare for your move, you may also get the urge to purchase new furniture and accessories to complement your new space.

Before the moving truck arrives, make a complete list of the stuff you want to keep and the stuff that doesn’t serve a purpose anymore. Make plans to discard the items that no longer work for you…. Preferably before you move.

Useful websites and apps like Offer Up, Varage Sale, Facebook and Nextdoor are all great tools to sell your items without having to do much legwork. Once you’ve sold that things you no longer need, you’ll have some extra cash to purchase new furniture and organizing tools for your new rental home.

#2: Divide Your Rooms into Zones

 If you’re living in a home with limited space, one room has to serve a lot of purposes. Many renters make the mistake of cluttering all of their items into one room in order to save more space, but this really never works.

To get the most out of your allotted space, divide your rooms into zones. Each zone should serve a particular function and be reasonably distanced from one another.

Here’s a great example of an apartment that’s divided into multiple zones from Abby Lawson.

As you can see, the dining room and living area are perfectly divided into their own zones, and there is still enough space to operate without having to trip over furniture or rugs.

#3: Maximize Closet Space

 If you’re a conservative fashionista that will jump in a freezing lake before throwing out a single sock, then you can rest easy knowing that we don’t plan on telling you to throw away all of your clothes. However, it is important to prioritize and keep the items that you need the most where you can easily find them.

The secret to truly maximizing your closet space is to keep like items with one another. Store all your belts in the same spot, hang your dresses alongside each other, and consider grouping clothes by activity. I.E. work clothes go in one space and eveningwear in another.

Specialty shoe and handbang organizers can also be an affordable way to keep your accessories free of dust and easily accessible.

#4: Go Verticle

 Choosing the right placement for furniture and/or accessories can be a challenge when you’ve just moved into a new apartment or rental home.However, don’t make the mistake of falling victim to adage that everything has to go on the floor!

Many rental neighborhoods, including Avilla Homes, will allow you to install shelving and other decorative and useful storage accessories on the walls and in closests. Take advantage of your chance to go verticle with some creative and affordable shelving ideas so that you can keep your space open, inviting and free of floor clutter.