After you sign your Avilla Homes lease, before you can enjoy the many amenities our communities have to offer, you face one very significant challenge: moving.

If you have small children, heavy work commitments, or other demands on your time, you may be thinking of hiring full-service movers to make the transition easier. If you are trying to save money, you may think that moving yourself is the way to go. Many factors can influence the decision for or against hiring professional movers. Here’s a quick guide to help you make the choice that’s best for you.

The Case For Hiring Professional Movers

Some reasons to hire a moving company for help with your move include:

  1. The range of options available. Some movers show up after you have packed all your own stuff (known as the self-pack option). Other movers help you pack your goods, and some moving companies can provide storage. You can purchase as little or as much help as you need, from labor to load or unload your rental truck all the way to full service moving companies.
  2. Movers have the right tools and skills for transporting special items. Professional movers know how to protect furniture and appliances from damage, and have tools – such as carrying straps, utility dollies, or hand trucks – made specifically to move them safely.
  3. Moving companies are accountable to you for their work. If your best friend drops your great-aunt’s expensive vase, all they can do is say, “I’m sorry.” Movers provide some liability coverage for damage to your items and usually offer additional insurance for various potential mishaps.
  4. You save your physical strength for unpacking and decorating. It’s no secret – moving is exhausting. Movers send teams used to this sort of exertion on a daily basis. Your turn for exercise comes when it’s time to set up your new home!

The Case For A DIY Move

Not everyone needs to hire movers when joining the Avilla Homes community. You may want to do it all yourself (or with help from family and friends) if:

  1. You need to move your possessions in gradually. If you can’t spare time for one big “moving day,” bringing it over carload by carload may work better for you.
  2. You are moving with very few large items. If you plan to buy most of your furniture after you move in, you may be able to move everything else on your own.
  3. You are moving a short distance. If you live close to an Avilla Homes community now, you automatically avoid some of the logistics (fuel, traffic/road conditions, etc.) that can add up unexpectedly during a longer-distance DIY move.

However you choose to make your move, your Avilla Homes team and neighbors are ready to welcome you to the community!