Pets make almost everything about life better. They offer companionship, love, affection, and sometimes even entertainment! Your Avilla Homes leased luxury home offers lots of pet-friendly perks: plenty of space for indoor romping; backyards for safe, unstructured exploration; community sidewalks for leashed walking; and grassy areas for outdoor play.

To be fair, living in leased homes like your Avilla Home means keeping both your pets and your community happy requires some effort on your part. Luckily, there are only a few guidelines you must follow to take full advantage of the amenities available for both you and your pet in your leased Avilla Homes living space.

Tips For Owning Pets in a Leased Home

  1. Neuter or spay your pet prior to moving in, or promptly when getting a new pet. There are many reasons to neuter or spay, including a happier, healthier life for your pet. It also reduces the likelihood of escape attempts and unwanted litters, which your neighbors will definitely appreciate!
  2. Understand the ground rules. Your Leasing Associate can walk you through the pet policies for your community. Be proactive and ask questions about breed and weight restrictions, wear-and-tear fees if your leased home is damaged beyond normal expectations, and the impact your pet can have on your security deposit. Being open about pet ownership from the beginning of your stay in your leased home shows you understand keeping the experience positive is a two-way street.
  3. Introduce our staff to your pet! Your leased home staff can better serve you if they’re aware of all your family members, including furry ones. You can arrange for appropriate staff to meet your pets in person, or think about a pet resume to put in your file so everyone is on the same page (literally) about your pet’s characteristics and history.
  4. Address any behavior problems as soon as possible. Pets are like people; when they act out, there’s usually something driving the behavior. Vets and animal care organizations can offer tips for things like keeping cats happy, or helping your dog avoid unwanted barking. Both you and your pet will be happier if you meet such issues head-on, making your furry friend able to model good community citizenship once the problem is resolved.
  5. Help your pet adjust to your leased home. Moving is a stressful experience for your companion animal. Make time to introduce them to the new sights, sounds and smells of your house, and reassure them they are safe. Provide plenty of food and water when you must leave, and appropriate toys to keep them constructively busy. Structure time in each day for exercise and socialization, two things that help pets feel calm and safe in a new environment.

Your Avilla Homes community management team wants your stay in your leased home to be pleasant for both you and your pet! Please contact your community’s office if we can provide any assistance as you and your pet settle into your home.