Tired of board games and bingeing Netflix? All done with deep-cleaning your house and Marie Kondo-ing your closets? Ready to experience a little out-of-the-ordinary fun right from home? Looking for cool, new things to do? Here are some excellent, slightly off-beat ideas for hours and hours of fun things to do while safe at home.

Anti-board game, boredom-busting, fun things to do

  1. Make friends with Google Earth Tour Guide – Google Earth is a fantastic tool for exploring pretty much the whole planet. Remote mountains, deep seas, architectural attractions, ancient sites, and so much more are available to zoom in on at your leisure. Explore on your own, or try one of these 14 virtual tours. Can you find your Avilla home? How about the house you grew up in?
  2. Have a themed dinner, or a week of them! Think beach, Mexican food, airplane flight cuisine (first class, of course!), costume night, whatever appeals to you. Rotate who’s in charge, and who gets to pick the theme. You can expand your guest list via Zoom, too! Involve friends and family for maximum fun.
  3. Have a scavenger hunt. You can make this activity as simple or as complex as you like. This is one thing to do that’s really easy to tailor to your home situation. You can use lists of items for which to look inside, or expand the hunt to your yard or patio. You can also hunt online in an internet scavenger hunt – chances are you will learn something, too.
  4. Host a virtual murder mystery. Red Herring Games has a collection of run-it-yourself murder mysteries. Each game is available as a download and print version (for immediate use), or if you prefer, they’ll box it up and ship it to you (rather a less immediate option). Connect with your guests using Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Facebook Messenger, and get busy solving those mysteries!
  5. Go on a ghost tour. For the ultimate in cool things to do, you can check out a virtual tour of the famed underground Catacombs of Paris and maybe catch a ghost or two, or you can check out California’s most famous haunted house, Winchester Mystery House, via a virtual tour you can rent or own.

Your Avilla Home is a great place for things to do, and we and all our staff are here to make sure your home is the perfect refuge in these uncertain times. If there’s something amiss with your Avilla home that interferes with your “fun things to do,” let us know immediately. Our staff will be on it promptly. Your safety and comfort are our top priority.