If the calendar has already turned to September, you may think you’ve missed your chance to plan an enjoyable and affordable vacation or weekend getaway. However, the wisdom of planning a getaway in September is one of the least-known travel tips. Weather in the Northern Hemisphere in September is cooling down (while winter in the Southern Hemisphere is coming to an end), and the frenzy of year-end holidays has not yet snarled airline schedules or clogged popular tourist destinations.

It’s easy to understand why September is a great month to go on a trip when you follow these simple travel tips to make the most of this time.

Travel Tips For A September To Remember

  1. Look for back-to-school savings at family destinations. Once children are back in school, theme parks see a slump in attendance. This can result in special discounts not found in July. Additionally, summer hot-spots are less congested after Labor Day, leaving you free to  enjoy destinations at a leisurely pace, with shorter wait times for rides and popular restaurants.
  2. Check the specials at winter resorts offering off-season alternatives to snow sports. Ski resorts, for example, may let you book a cabin and go zip-lining or hiking instead of hitting the slopes.
  3. Book a cruise for September – it’s the middle of “off peak” season. If you dream of adventure on the high seas, September is the best time to look for travel deals. Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30, so checking for discounts in the middle of that period is a great travel tip. Look into travel insurance to protect your investment from weather-related cancellations.
  4. Arrange your trip around a regional festival (or several!). Many destinations – from Hvar, Croatia, to Barcelona, Spain, to Greenville, South Carolina – offer unique and colorful celebrations that provide a glimpse of the area’s treasures. These festivals also offer the opportunity to give a theme to your trip as you explore the destination before and after the event.
  5. Stock up on discounted summer gear. Even perpetually warm-weather cities such as Phoenix and Tucson follow seasonal fashion and are trying to unload swimsuits and resort wear in September. If you’re headed to a tropical or desert destination for your trip, you can show up in your new gear, with money left over from shopping to spend on your vacation.

One last travel tip: No matter how much fun you have on your September getaway, being a part of an Avilla Homes community ensures you’ll enjoy coming home just as much!