Millions of Americans are discovering the productivity boost and benefits that come with working from home. Avilla Homes welcomes those working from home and supports a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to bend your work rules, or only think about fitness on the weekends or after work. There are many ways you can integrate desk exercises into your workday in an Avilla home. You can also do many types of exercise inside – enough to get a good workout, and close enough to your desk that you are ready to answer a call or an email at a moment’s notice.


Desk Exercises And Other Workouts You Can Do Working From Home

  1. Fidget in your chair. Don’t worry about what your sixth-grade teacher would say – by slowly rotating your ankles, twisting your head from shoulder to shoulder, or simply doing shoulder rolls, you’ll burn a few calories. More importantly, you’ll loosen up the tightness in your muscles that’s built up if you’ve been motionless for a few hours. While you’re at it, make sure your chair is ergonomically friendly.
  2. Discover the joys of desk yoga. One advantage of yoga is that it can be adapted to many situations, including sitting in your chair or needing to stay close to your desk. Videos and books are available to show you the finer points of this type of desk exercise. Some easy-to-learn poses include the seated backbend, the desk shoulder opener and the forward fold.
  3. Consider using a treadmill or standing desk. Some medical authorities have proclaimed “sitting is the new smoking” in terms of negative health effects. As a result, some companies will equip you with a standing desk or a treadmill desk for your home office, especially if you spend most of your work time there.
  4. Take your work-from-home exercise routine beyond desk exercises. There are plenty of ways to squeeze bursts of exercise into your home office workday. Try jogging or walking in place for 5-10 minutes, seated squats from a chair without wheels, wall push-ups against a permanent wall, or leg lunges.

If you haven’t been physically active in a while, you may want to get your doctor’s clearance before starting a demanding exercise routine. Many desk exercises don’t require medical approval, though. Just start moving a little more each day, and notice the rewards!